Molecular diagnostic (MDx) tests and their processes are complex and the science is progressing rapidly. There were already over 11,000 tests for 3,400 conditions in the Genetic Test Registry as of September 2013* and new diagnostics are regularly emerging at a rate of several per month . Understanding the clinical and financial impact of these tests across the healthcare system is challenging especially since diagnostics can have such a significant downstream cost impact. The  McKesson Diagnostics Exchange™ was created to provide an online test registry and  shared workflow solution that  payers, laboratories and other stakeholders can use to help address these issues.

The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange helps reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality of care for molecular diagnostic tests through:

  • Consistent and unique test identification
  • Transparent coverage determination
  • Simplified claims processing

There are two modules included in the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange:

Registry module:

  • McKesson Diagnostics Exchange catalog of  unique Z-Code™ Identifiers for new and existing MDx tests
  • Detailed information about these tests and who performs them

Test Assessment module:

  • Streamlined workflow to evaluate diagnostic tests and review clinical evidence
  • Configurable support for different levels of evidence including clinical and analytic validity, precision and clinical utility, etc.

Click here for the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange Fact Sheet

* National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, Genetic Test Registry, September 3, 2013

  • Z-Code Identifiers are unique advanced diagnostic test identifiers.
  • The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange™ Test Catalog is an internet-based catalog of molecular diagnostic and genetic test.
  • Interested in learning more about how you can create an advanced diagnostic test identification, catalog & coverage program? Contact us for more information.
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