McKesson Z-Code™ Identifiers

A majority of the molecular diagnostic and genetic tests on the market today are unidentifiable through today’s methods which presents significant challenges for the healthcare industry including:

  • Unique test identification in test ordering and delivery
  • Specific test identification in claims processing

What is a Z-Code™ Identifier?

A McKesson Z-Code Identifier is a unique 5-character alpha-numeric identifier code associated with a specific advanced diagnostics test. Z-Code Identifiers are assigned based on the uniqueness of each test or manufacturer’s product being registered, not based on the laboratory or manufacturer. For example, a test for the same analyte but performed by a different laboratory methodology would be considered unique and thus would merit a unique Z-Code Identifier.

Much like NDC codes for drugs,  Z-Code Identifiers enable the consistent identification of that unique test across systems by labs, providers, payers, and policy makers. It allows healthcare stakeholders to make decisions on genetic tests based on their clinical and financial impact ultimately reducing disease burdens and improving health outcomes.

What do Z-Code Identifiers do:

  • Assign a unique 5-character, alpha-numeric identity to each and every test submitted to the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange online test catalog registry, thereby acting as a unique tracking identifier.
  • Help ensure health plans, clinicians, labs and hospitals clearly understand which test is being performed.
  • Complement the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes (for which there may be many Z-Code Identifiers) and identifies the specific test while CPT codes classify the specific test.
  • Z-Code Identifiers are unique advanced diagnostic test identifiers.
  • The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange™ Test Catalog is an internet-based catalog of molecular diagnostic and genetic test.
  • Interested in learning more about how you can create an advanced diagnostic test identification, catalog & coverage program? Contact us for more information.
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