DEX Z-Code™ Identifiers

Precise identification of molecular diagnostic tests

The DEX Z-Code Identifier is Change Healthcare’s unique and proprietary 5-character alpha-numeric code associated with a specific molecular diagnostics (MDx) test. Z-Code Identifiers are assigned within the DEX Diagnostics Exchange based on the uniqueness of each test or manufacturer’s product being registered. For example, a test for the same analyte but performed by a different laboratory methodology is considered unique and is assigned a unique Z-Code Identifier. Z-Codes Identifiers are applied to all advanced diagnostic tests, including molecular diagnostic and genetic tests.

Unique identification of molecular diagnostic (MDx) tests is critical for all stakeholders involved in test ordering, test delivery and claims processing. Much like NDC codes are applied to prescription drugs, Z-Code Identifiers enable the consistent identification of a unique test for payers, labs and providers.

DEX Z-Code Identifiers provide:

  • Unique Identification of each and every test submitted to the DEX Diagnostics Exchange.
  • Greater clarity to help ensure payers and providers clearly understand which test is being ordered and performed.
  • Specificity to CPT® Codes complementing the American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes and providing greater granularity to the coding for MDx tests.